New account issues

Who and why did you suspend my account, I had literally done nothing wrong with said account. And even if I had, was it really necessary to suspend it until December, 29… of 2239, I won’t even be Alive at that point?

I don’t think dupe accounts are allowed. Also, [quote=“IceBear, post:1, topic:48753”]
December, 29… of 2239, I won’t even be Alive at that point?

the point of the ban is so the account can never return.


I just wanted to start a new, I was never banned, I never did anything wrong with said account, I was even going to delete this account once I had finished setting up my social media pages. I just wanted to start fresh.

Friendly neighborhood mod popping in

Hi IceBear,
The reason your other account was suspended indefinitely is that it is what we consider a dupe account, an account created by a user who already had/has an account on the message boards. These are strictly prohibited under Amendment III of the Behavioral Rules.

According to the other topic you created that coincides with this, your dupe account was created for your new Gmail. I don’t know why you decided to create the new account, as you can easily change your email under the preferences in your profile. Heck, I’ve even done this in the past. Also, if you wanted to change your name or something, all you would have to do is just pm us mods and we would gladly change it for you.

Hopefully that clears everything up,


I can’t change my name, and I’ve asked an admin before but it never happened, that’s why

You broke the rules, my best friend used to be here, until he broke that same rule, he felt sad for ages

Why did he feel sad, couldn’t he just, ya know, come back with his original account?

twas like two years ago, be glad both of your accounts are still here (also he was pretty cocky to the mods)