New Banner

Hey guys,

I haven’t followed TTV basically ever since Vessel shut down, and now I’m hearing that Eljay got fired, Jon got fired, Prpl sort of left, Eljay came back, etc. But this isn’t about that. Well, not entirely. Basically, they uploaded a new channel banner recently, and a couple of things don’t add up to me.

There are three people that I cannot identify. Did they add any cast members?


The one with gray hair is phweffie, with the other girl being deadmatoro. The one next to ven is kini, and the one on the end is avokah tamer


Thank you. I had no idea she dyed her hair, and I wasn’t around ealy enough for Kini and AvokahTamer.

Yea, Phweff cut and dyed her hair a good bit ago but she hasn’t shown it off in many videos so I get your confusion. Deadmatoro is a new member of our cast, and AvohkahTamer has been our editor for a long time but hasn’t been on any podcasts yet (despite our attempts to convince him to the contrary!)