New Bionicle 2015 teaser!

Two days ahead of the next promised information, Lego has released a new video that teases some more imagery for the rebooted line. In the video, we see a crack in the ground filling with purple energy, and then it cuts to the Kanohi podiums seen in other imagery (the ones @ToaOfUltimateDoom made a papercraft of) The video itself is only about 16-18 seconds ling, but it does fullfill its goal of raising hype for the theme, and it is a nice glimpse of the future. (also, we now have a bit of an idea of what a "mini movie" might look like)

If you can identify anything I missed, here's the link so you can watch it yourself!

(I tried to post it in the news section of the forums, but I couldn't. @Chronicler, could you fix this? )


Indi's Eagle eyes have noticed something. Look at the top left around 8 seconds. You can see a leg, someone walking. This isn't CGI. This is a display at comic con. It probably emits that smoke you can see in the beginning too.

This almost confirms that the sets will be up for display. Most likely that odd trans blue thing in the center is holding up a platform with the sets on it.


Eh, the purple energy couldn't be live action. it's too pure a color. Although there is definitely some Comic Con footage in there. I'm curious to see whether we get any more of these today and tomorrow.

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Is the panel Thursday? Also, when does comic con officially open?

yeah, it's thursday.

I thought it started today, but I guess not. But I thinkk it does open tomorrow, so we may get some images of the sets tomorrow

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I just saw this on facebook, I was hoping for maybe just a bit more out of the video, but I guess it's better then nothing stuck_out_tongue. The carvings really look like nuva carvings.


I'm extremely pumped right now.

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I'm guessing that it's footage of a physical display piece, but the color has been enhanced with visual effects.

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Anyone else notice someone's shadow in the background, I'm gonna guess we're gonna get a bit more then just Mini-Videos of up to 4 minutes.

I'm starting to believe the Nuva Symbols on the podium will be replacing the Matoran Language from the previous generation...


This is pretty interesting stuff...

Gosh dangit.

Another fictional language to commit to memory


The hype is stacking up! ('Cause it's Lego, and you stack bricks... Never mind).

The music made it seem like something was about to explode. Maybe they're going to display LOSS there.


I figured that would be the case once it was proven that they are not the actual nuva symbols.

Looks like a new language.

The color of the light emitted from the podium is different from any of the other previous ones. This could mean a mew character? (Also it could just be Onua's)

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Oh, please no.


Seriously, though - I was quite fond of the MU alphabet. If it isn't going to be used anymore, I'll certainly miss it.


I really like the use of the classic, almost creepy sound effects from '01

I still can't remember "W". did they change it with the Voya Nui alphabet (other than the hexagonal outline)?

There you go guys: