New Bionicle Rahi MOCs

new rahi mocs


Nice, these are legit


it took me WAY longer than you`d think to make both of those heads

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And sorry if the quality
isn`t very good

Those look great! I like really the red one.


Red: cake cake

Gold: cake cookie cookie

(out of three cakes)

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why're the heads so funny? Well the red one's fine but the gold one... idk...

Better than my CCBS MOCs

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I love seeing CCBS MOCs. I love seeing how creative people can get with the new parts.

The head on the second rahi is boss.

Thanks! It may not look like it but both of them took FOREVER to make.

I know it may look weird but i made it for posabileaty because you can open and close the mouth.

@Oniwah Thanks! I'm sure that your mocs are fantastic too!

@PekekoaOfJungle what do the cookies mean?

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3 cookies = 1 cake. cookie cookie cookie = cake

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