New Custom Torso

Hello again Ttv Message boards! This is my second take on a custom torso, this one is much bulkier, has more Parts to connect shells to, and features a better head attachment place! In my opinion it turned out better that the first one, what do you guys think?

~Selfmoc V2.0 with the Custom Torso coming soon~

I hope to talk to you again later!

( P.S. : The uploadthing did something weird to the second an third Picture, not sure how to fix this )


It seems a little too technic based and blocky to work as a real torso, any pictures of MOCs using the torso?

Coming in about 2-5 hours; i'm going to the doc soob because i'm still sick, since a week already, will post the picture of the moc when i return

It's a very interesting design

Its an interesting design, I'd love to see it in use but is it bending in the 3 picture or is it just me?

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could be the Connection to the 5 pin Long Piece, yet the upload did something weird to the third and second pic, could be anything

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This looks pretty neat!

That looks really sweet man! So many balljoints though...


The Balljoints are added for more places to attach Shells, to improve the look of the moc while looking at it sideways


Please translate this...

I know, I'm just saying it's using a lot of what is normally a highly coveted-part.