New elemental lords

while that is true for the people inside the matoran universe the iron tribe of spherus magna only adapted those kinds of colors after their tribe was mostly destroyed (source for that is also biosector its on the iron tribe page). since thats where the elementlords are from i thought it might be a good idea to bring it up to you


heres the elemental lord of lightning new design. I need some ideas on a name. Im trying to think of something that starts with vo. any suggestions?

he’s supposed to have a lightning bolt staff made from parts from surges lightning weapon and voltix lightning bolts from his head. once I have the parts ill post an image of it so you have a general idea on how he should look


heres the new lord of plasma. as many of you may notice he has a gap in his legs, that’s because the part im wanting to put there isn’t on yet so I left space so you all can get a general idea on what goes there, as for what part its the ninjago tornado pieces.(im mainly thinking of putting Coles in there due to colour. as for his name I think ill call him plasmus