New MOC WIP: Help needed

You may or may not have seen this over on flickr, but this guy’s just standing there with no arms, and I need your help to make some…

They must fit with the general aesthetic, and scale of the build.

Once I’ve made some arms this topic can be locked and unlisted.

Hope you can help, and I look forward to showing the full MOC soon…


Don’t we have a topic to do this stuff in?

Oh well… I guess this will get more attention.

Anyhow, I’m not sure how to help you but the MOC look good so far.

Problem is the lack if gold… maybe corrupted ounca mask would look better

More gold on the chest would be good.
Anyway, for an arm design I recommend using the Gold skull spider mask as the shoulders. (if you don’t have 2 you should buy one on bricklink) besides that, I don’t know.

working on something in LDD, if it turns out good, I’ll post it.

also, I think the very small amount of gold looks cool, but maybe small gold spikes on the chest-cable-thing would look good.


@Hafynx, I made two variants. they maybe good, they maybe bad. idk


I don’t think the lower legs look good, I don’t know if it is the feet or the entire lower leg

So far, so good. He could use a little more gold near his chest, though.

I recommend arms…


I’m having difficulty making out what’s going on on the legs. If I had some close up shots it would make it easier to make arms that match.

Just a quick update. I have the arm design, which is good. I have also bulked up the knees and eliminated the major gaps in the torso. No photos as this guy is very close to being finished and I don’t want to spoil his final look. I haven’t found a way to include any gold on the torso, but it doesn’t bother me.

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