New plan for Future Blender Animations I guess..

I’ve had writers block or something like that for a while now and I think I’m gunna entirely stop making Bionicle G1 and maybe G2 animations.

Instead, I want to try to make something original, or at least something we haven’t seen before in Bionicle. Maybe I might make a new MOC series based on a character I created.
I also might animate Humans/people and try making my own character models based on my concept arts. Don’t know if many will be interested though.

I guess this sums it up. And no, I don’t want to quit animating Bionicle, I just want to try something new /different.


Animate RWBY pls.

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Whatever work you do I’m sure it’ll be awesome!:grinning:

hopefully you won’t have any more issues with people using your work without your permission, since it’ll be your own ideas and all

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@LTVmocs I’m not sure what that is so I looked it up and its a web series made by Monty Oum. Very talented individual. Not sure if I’m allowed to animate RWBY.

thank you. :slight_smile: I will try my best to think of something creative. Just need to brainstorm some ideas.

I don’t really know that much about RWBY, so I can’t really say I can animate it.
However, I might consider it if I do enough research/learn more about RWBY, but for now, I won’t animate RWBY out of respect for Monty Oum (may he rest in piece).


I know that you’ll be safe as long as you use your own models and say that the original idea, RWBY, belongs to RoosterTeeth. There are some interesting fan made RWBY animations out there if you can find them

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