New self moc zerrk the wanderer

His story takes place in a post apolalyptic wasteland and after a neuclear winter where he wanders fighting off masive mutated animals and zombies,scavenging for food, weapons, armore and other gear searching for other survivors.

His arsenal:

Individual guns:

Mini rapidfire pistol:

Mini plasma macine gun:

Mini granade launcher:

Individual blades:
Giant sword:

Buz saw:


Well thats it for now and constructive criticism is always welcome.
(and yes his armor is supposed to be A simetrical) also he is a human with a mutated hand


The build is basic, but the weapons are kind of interesting. Also, I would shorten the legs if I were you, as they look way too long. Finally, the white on both arms (I’m guessing that’s the color under the cape on the left arm) don’t really work with the monochromeness of the rest of the figure


how boring no mask and super basic

Well V2 will be less simple and will have a mask

I’ll call him daddy long legs

The cape on this is really cool. The lack of helmet or mask is unique.