New Short-flash (Self-Promotion)

Goldenghost100 here

[NOTE: This is a self-promotion, I’m not sure if advertising is even allowed on these forms]

If you guys hadn’t known already, I do scratch, and no I don’t make games, I make animations. (I don’t know which category to place this, heck if it is even allowed to advertise) And because I want more people to see the finished product, [here it is]
(https://■■■■■■■■■■■.edu/projects/766676441). (This is Bayverse Optimus Prime if you’re wondering)

Just to give a little preview:


Give me your face - Optimus Prime


It keeps crashing when I try to use the link.

So while we do have a promotions and advertising category, it is reserved only for those who are the master rank, which you currently are not. If you want to just post the link by itself, that can probably go into the creative content category, but if you want to advertise your work, you’re going to have to wait. To make things easier, I’ll just close this topic