New Takua Thoughts for G3

I recently thought up some new details for Takua in G3 that would tie him into the mask vault discovery, as well as lead to some good character development down the line during the war. It stems from an older pitch I made for him, so I’ll briefly mention those details first.

I had called for Takua to be a cartographer instead of a chronicler. The concept of a “Chronicler” worked well in G1, since the island was unknown. Anything that the audience learned was through Takua being in the right place at the right time. However, this concept doesn’t work for G3. The entirety of the story will be told from the toa’s perspective. They are the audience surrogate.

Takua’s main goal would be to have a complete map of the whole region. There are a number of unexplored areas of Artakha, and he is adventurous enough to explore them. This keeps with his G1 traits more than the current G3 Takua role. Getting saved and eventually facing your former idol in the war doesn’t really give the carefree, adventurous vibe.

Note: If the Takua name would still be for the matoran Narmoto saves, then an alternate name for this pitch character could be Taka. It’s not too different from average matoran names, and references Takanuva without needing the actual toa form.

After one of the toa meet him for the first time and he explains his goal, he could be seen at various times throughout the story, continuing his mapping. It could be as simple as him passing by in the background, or actually have him involved in something the toa are doing (Rahi attack, showing them a location on his maps, etc.). The audience will get used to seeing him, and follow his progression as the main story plays out.

New details:
Once the toa discover the mask vault, Makuta was supposed to tell Kopaka to give masks to the matoran. This would be a second time Makuta uses that method on a toa, at a time when his powers should be almost gone. The first time getting Tahu to use the mask could be seen as residual power still in him. But to do it again for the vault doesn’t fit as well.

Instead, the toa find the vault, decide to hold off on telling the matoran, and leave. As they go, Takua notices them. He was just updating his map of the Suva when he saw the toa leave. He notices the vault and marks it on the map. Later, the toa find more and more matoran with powered masks. It’s not until they see updated maps in circulation that they realize Takua printed the location. And knowing that there was a secret at one Suva, he went to all the others and marked any similar secret vaults. If the toa closed the vaults, then the matoran could simply dig or break down the door once they know where it is.

“What’s that, Tahu? Give the mask back?.. Why? You think you can oppress us by hiding these all this time? Well now we can fight for ourselves. We don’t need you.”

The toa confront Takua, but he doesn’t see anything wrong. All he did was make a map. However, as the war starts, the masks help the matoran fight. At this time, Makuta finds Takua and whispers out to him.

“This is your fault, you know. The war has gotten out of hand thanks to those masks. Matoran are dying because of you…”

This leads Takua to regret his choice. He then attempts to take the masks back, but gets ostracized by his people for it. So he sides with the toa in order to help them solve the issue.

A side detail that could tie in here: In my prior pitch, some comments said Takua should befriend some rahi (like Pewku) on his journey. This is fine. He has one special rahi in each region to help him traverse the landscape.

Takua can allow the toa to utilize these rahi during the war. They could even be a mount for them in the sets. (They may be a larger variant of the species)

The toa use the rahi during the war to fight or travel. The rahi could be a badger, shark, owl, etc…. all forms that the Elemental Lords take. This could simply be a reference to those forms. However, it could also serve as a future moment in the war where the Elemental Lords have an interaction with the toa while possessing these rahi. Prior to this, they don’t interact with the toa after the first meeting, so this could be a special case due to the rahi being their preferred animal. The interaction itself can be as simple or as important as required to deliver the desired plot point for that moment.