New Vahi

Just gonna preface this by saying: I'm not sure whether I'm OK to put this up as it's own topic, or if it should be moved to the BIONICLE 2015 discussion topic.

Okay, so I was just wandering, what're your speculations on the new Vahi? Like, how will it look? Will it function more or less the same, or will there be alterations to it's powers? When/where will the Toa find said Vahi, and how will they know to look for it? I'd just like to hear other people's ideas.
Edit: I'm no good at drawing on the computer, so here's sorta how it might not look if theoretically two Vahi parts were combined.

I tried to make the top part look sorta like the protector masks, since most of the non-Toa masks are based on a similar style.


It never says we'll get a new Vahi. For all we know, those Vahi easter eggs could just be there for easter eggs, no more, no less.


It should look like the top part of a mask, similar to how the G1 Vahi looked like the bottom half of a mask.


What if we get both a top and bottom?


Oh now that'd be interesting.

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Vakama must have screwed up when creating the Vahi.


Naw... He was just too lazy to design a whole mask.


That or the top half was made by Nuhrii filling in for Vakama after became a Toa and a fugitive.


That Mask of Time looks like the Mask of Cheese, lol.

But yeah, start with the normal as a base and design the top part like it would fit like a puzzle.


My friend used to call it that!! xD

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Man, Tahu Nuva using the Vahi against the Bohrok-Kal was a cheesy deus ex machina.


hm...if the Vahi/Mask of time for G2 is the same as would it fit onto the new heads?

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Yet it still didn't do Monterey Jack.

Now what if the burial mask they used for Ekimu is the new Vahi......hmmmmmm......


Maybe LEGO would remodel the original Vahi with side-clips instead of a peg? I dunno, seems unlikely.

Well the Vahi is showing up too much to be an Easter egg.... we're definitely getting one in the next few years. How I see it: the top half will have the clips for the new heads and will come in a set as the top half only, and the bottom half will be like a gold mask in another set, and it'll somehow be able to clip onto the top half.

On a sorta unrelated note, I have this crazy theory that next year a band of bounty hunters will show up looking for these mask halves that I just described. In my head they're the Piraka but have head snapping functions like Bohrok and they're hired by a mercenary known as Karzahni (who is the same Karzahni from the first universe and needs the Vahi to jump between the two). It'll never happen but I can dream.

@Ekorak I think you're right.... I got the Vahi to fit onto a protector mask!

EDIT: I stretched out the Vahi a bit so it would fit better, what do you think?


The first one is more realistic to me. I don't know why, though.


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