New Years Resolutions

Pile on your resolution you may or may not run with until next new years!

My new years resolution is to continue living the way I do and becoming successful in life

  • Be more social.
  • Order a pizza via phone without freezing up.

For 2016

I want to:

-Rek Skrubs

-Emulate MT whenever possible.

So basically just rek skrubs


I need to beat Wind Waker.


For 2016:

-Not get so distracted and do my homework more.
-Lose a little weight and exercise more.
-Have more concentration

I bet the second one won’t do so well.


To finish Sons of Liberty, Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain.

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Wow 2016 is upon us! Every year seems to go faster than the last!

My resolution is to read more, and maybe look at screens less often. :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy 2016 guys!

Try to be more active than before.

I don’t make one resolution to put upon myself at the beginning of the year. I pass through the year as if nothing has changed, knowing that, over the course of the year, events will transpire to change me, and at those times I will find out what change can be made for the better.



Try to watch episode 7 without getting spoiled.
Try to be at the TTV Talks Livestream.
Learn more Piano.
and play Ratchet and Clank on launch day.

yw m’lord

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you’ll never believe what mine is
my resolution…

to draw


…well idk cuz im only being half sarcastic[/spoiler]


To not forget what my resolution is.

To explode violently in anger

Get a Job and Found Love.

To not die this year.


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  • Exercising - 30km a day
    (already done this for 6 days so not sure if it counts)

Generally self-improvement is the overall resolution -the goal being to get thin, muscly and improve myself physically, mentally and emotionally over the course of a year and possibly beyond.

-to avoid unreasonable goals
-do better in work

just failed the first by writing the second :3

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Scar confirmed for attempting to become Saitama


May do something updating people on progress with this… we should keep track of whether people do the new years resolutions here xD

I have the same resolution as I always have: Keep improving on what I do (drawing and writing for those that don’t know).

Also you could say I have a resolution to finish my back log of stories, but I don’t really consider that a resolution. That is something I have to do either way.

Lol, I freaking love it.