New years rooster

I was feeling festive for chinese new year and wanted to make this moc

I wanted to replicate the feet from ikir somehow and the wings from the lava chicken, hence the wing daggers. Also the back is supposed to have a tailcoat.
Happy Chinese new year to everyone whether you celebrate it or not!


I like how this looks, the wings are kinda weird, but still it looks really cool

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It reminds me of Blaziken from Pokemon.

It seems I also forgot to mention that the MOC is awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing I’d change is the legs, to make the digigrade. Other than that, nice work!

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@Asriel thank you!

@BBricks lol, thanks!

@Efri10dd what do you mean by digigrade? Also thanks!

Joints reversed like a chicken.

Oh thank you for clearing that up! But then again @Efri10dd there are enough joints in the legs for him to do that.

But is he delicious?

Ikir says yes


That’s true. Just wondering what it would look like with them IRL.

gon hey fat choi Flashy lookin rooster man. :+1:

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He just looks so darn happy! I love it!

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@Efri10dd wonder no more.

@Rockho lol he has most of the flash’s colours, thanks!

@MaximusPrime thanks! He’s happy cause he has rooster luck. headcannon that cause idk whatrooster luck would be. :sweat_smile:


Nice! I kinda think this looks a bit better. Just saying. :sweat_smile:

Thanks! It does match his character more, so im just going to leave him like that.