New Zealand flag debate

Hello MB members!
Through out the past year and a half, us kiwi's have to vote over an alternate flag or the OG flag, due to this literal pony tail pulling cockroach. :[

And so I want to see if you all prefer the orignal or the alternative!

Here is the alternative:

And in case you're dumb, here's OG:

Which do you prefer?
Do you think this is worth $25.7 million? (sigh)
(Does this count as political?)

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I don't understand why it has to change.


Alternative looks pretty ugly.

I think a light blue or olive green flag with a sorta silhouette of a kiwi would look nice, but I know that will never happen.


I find the original better.


I like the OG.
New one is boring.

So, New Zealand.

And, well this is Australia.

As an Australian, I don't care that the old one was similar, but I like it much more than this Alternative...

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Honestly this made me laugh. The face just sells it.

Now then, I'm not a New Zealander so I don't see how my opinion matters since this is their flag. Last time I checked the Brits don't have power there so maybe it's a good idea to get the Jack of their flag, but that's their choice.

To my artistic eyes the original looks better, but both pale in comparison to this flag:


Heh you should have seen the others.


Because of the literal pony tail pulling cockroach money waster that is John Key.

Yeah, this jumps over to political discussion. Sorry guys.