Nexo Knights: The Book of monsters (Folk)

I have recently fallen in love with Nexo Knights, and one of my favorite characters is actually the book of monsters! I thought I would draw him with his companion the book keeper, and in color this time! woo! :slight_smile:

Announcement part : Because of school, my significant other, and me being slightly out of inspiration, the rhythm of upload for my artwork request topic is unfortunately going to greatly slow down. Sorry, guys, but for now it will probably be only one per month if even that, and I probably will only be taking the ones I find the most interesting. :frowning:

Still, huge thanks for all the support you have given me so far! Love ya!

Well hope you enjoy anyway ! Leave your thoughts!


That’s an awesome! Also, good luck in school.

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Thanks! I may start a whole topic gallery for my Nexo Knights drawings :slight_smile:

I really like your drawings, but you have no idea how much I despise every single Nexo Knights character… starting from this one and his ridiculous accent…

Also, a colored drawing! Looks a lot more “alive” than the pencil sketches, I like it!

good luck with school too, just like you with your drawings, I think I’ll have to stop making Mixel MOCs for a while too…

I love it.
The character of the book is very interesting, and I love your take on him.
Good luck with school.

Not bad, but, the Book Keeper looks strangely buff…

Oh, free of you not to like them, I just think this theme in general is so much better than it seems.

Plus he plays the harmonica. That was an actually very funny scene :slight_smile:

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I think it’s a bit weird that the book keeper has stubble. Also, why does he have clogs?

He has stubble on the minifigure, I thought it was funny so I kept that detail. The clogs are here because I thought it would fit the character, and his legs are completely black on the mini figure, so I wasn’t completely sure how to interpret it. It is the most inaccurate part, but I think it turned out fine :slight_smile:

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I actually agree with you, mostly because the story concept and sets seem great. My only real issue are the characters, because they seem a little… I dunno… exaggerated in their personality, to the point where they feel too much like extreme caricatures. The only one that I find interesting is probably the queen, because it’s not what you would expect from such a character and her personality is not as exaggerated.

The queen is awesome yeah!
Then again I can look past the hammered in personalities, even Lance (barely), it is a kids show after all :slight_smile:

Heck, the sets tell us so much more about their personality that I really don’t care,you just have to look at the King’s Mech set to see that

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If I’m any character, I’m Axel. I may not be a brute, but I am really tall and I love eating!

The book keeper looks like he’s wearing clogs :stuck_out_tongue:

The book keeper is the deepest character in all of Nexo Knights

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