A little thing I made out of spare nexo knights parts.

I'm going to try and upload a MOC each week or every second week. I have a bunch of stuff I've built up over the past year or so that I haven't been bothered to photograph (Lierah and the Heart have both existed for about a year)


reminds me a lot of Bastion from overwatch, it looks really cool, and the fact that you made it from "spare" parts is amazing


I'm liking the colors on this MOC. Especially with the use of the old trans orange Ice Planet pieces

I like how striking the trans orange is here, it really makes the rest of the MOC pop.

Really good attention to detail.

I want 20

The moc is very consistent and looks great. The shaping of the warts used works well together to for a very clunky looking but almost cute robot and the white used as armor clashes well with the trans orange. I also agree that it looks like Bastion and I love it for that.

I love this. It's extremely creative and makes good use of the Nexo Knights Mech torso. Amazing work!

Reminds me of Bastion.

Looking great!

Sir, you are an amazing MOCist. While the feet are a little small, the rest of the build is extremely detailed, with spare parts no less.

Excellent work; everything here looks great!

I honestly want these kind of builds to replace Mixels theme. This is just amazing.

Mixels has been gone for a while though. The closest thing is the Nexo Knight mechs which is where I got some of the pieces for this from (including the body).

That is awesome.

It's a Tau battlesuit!

Filthy xenos.

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