Next satirical Bionicle poem?

The next Poem will be based on non-canon romance in Bionicle. It was to be delayed for another project, but an Admin decided he'd close that, so I'll just move on to this.

-Love, "sir" Louise

After you all found a good laugh in my first poem, I think I'll do another one if anyone's interested. Leave some suggestions in the comment section for another subject we can all related to as Bionicle fans, so I can make a silly rhyme for everyone the message boards.


G2 haters.

And by that I mean the ones who hated it for the sake of hate.


how over the top serious 2006 was

Might be something G2 themed, not sure yet. I' indifferent to either side, those who liked or disliked it.

Also, I LOVED 2006, so I dunnae' think so.

try and make a romantic poem
but with love still being not canon


We have a winner.

Although, the poem will be delayed, I have just come to a new idea.
If you've watched Ven's On Ebay Today, there's a reoccurring joke that has given me quite an idea. I' not sure how it might go, but we'll see how the boards react.