Nexus the False Toa MK II

Nexus MK II is here! Upgraded with an easily removable Laser Shield and Actual hands! With fingers!

So yeah, for those of you who saw the original, you know the surprise. like last time Bio is at the end to not ruin the surprise.

Got to be one of my favorite poses for him.

Now with the ability to Unite!!!

Big reveal…

All was going well for Nexus, he had gained the trust of the Toa, and had even had a small following. But when the true Toa got the ability to unite, Nexus immediately called the orbiting minifigure space command, asking for the materials need to allow himself to unite. He got it, and upgrade himself, and avoided any suspicion that he wasn’t a real Toa cause he couldn’t unite. However, many still questioned what a laser was, so Nexus spends alot of time explaining the science behind lasers, only to be asked to repeat himself because the Okotoans don’t understand. He then sighs and repeats himself.

Criticism wanted and Enjoy!!!


Looks even better!
The stamp of my approval:

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Yeah, it looks better than before. The hands are cool, and generally looks like an upgrade.

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Looks like it’s time for another dab.


really cool and has clear improvement. nice work :smile:

but needs a cyber-bird

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Very nice! Keep it up!

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Looking pretty cool, looked solid enough so as to not make me expect the big reveal. Not so sure about the mismatched feet or the extended armor on the knees though.

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your lucky

you have spare exo force arms!

and g1 pieces

but soon enough ill make my own mech


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Those pieces are uncommon now? Dang.


This is pretty groovy man. I am not really sure If I have any complaints about it.


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Wonderful photography. I really like how you choose the orange mask.

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Great job on the MOC, though the color scheme makes the blue pins a real eye glare.

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The back looks unfinished when compared with the rest of the MOC, but I love the concept.

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Now this is how we need to see bionicle g3 as a mech line.