Nhilkus WIP, Brotherhood of Makuta Project

The arms need serious work, and I’m trying to implement more dark red on the upper torso, but any further improvements? What’s the best part of the MOC? And most importantly: Do you like it?


I definitely do like it. Is definetly a WIP. If I had a complaints it would be the lower legs are a bit skinny.


First: Yes I do like it.
Second: I think, the arms are fine, maybe you should use larger armor shells on the lower arms , but what you should really change are the wings. Try to connect these separate strings of CCBS bones with something, like more CCBS bones or tubes or something like that.

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Do you mean at the end or in between them?

@ThatchMac that’s a deliberate thing as i based it off demons who’s lower legs are normally thinner and weaker looking

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Both options are viable, but sice you are going for a more frightning look, I suppose you should connect them inbetween. They will look a lot more bone-esq and spikey that way.

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I say ditch the chain and work in some hoses, and give the lower arms more armor,
otherwise it’s fine.


Overall I rally like it.

The - is it trans orange? - Bohrok eyes on the front of the head don’t work very well with those Barraki eyes (that I guess are supposed to be the eyes) - I would say change them for black or silver Bohrok eyes.

And the wings look a little… awkward, more like tentacles, so perhaps you could try to do something there.

Yes, more dark red on the upper torso and arms would probably be a good idea.

I personally really like the lower legs

Looks great!
I like everything abourit except the wings.
They look too skinny. I would try to beef them up by putting armor shells on the bone pieces.
Overall, great job!

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Just standing in for the white I plan on putting there, I’ve lost 2 of them

Originally they were meant to look like bones made of shadows. But now I’m thinking of adding some shells and interlocking the tendrils with more bones.

Glad you agree

That’s good

@JonBlueFire thanks. I agree with you on the wings after looking back at them

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This is great, I think besides the things that need to be changed that you pointed out, I think the wings need to be improved. The head could be improved as well, but I think it’s fine right now.

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Its really cool looking!
The arms should be longer, maybe make the lower arms custom and use Vorox armor as armoring, those also come in dark red.

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Don’t have any of those unfortunately

I think the lower legs could use a bit of bulking up and maybe try and build a system head instead cause the current head looks a bit funky, still cool though

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Could be spookier.