Nidhiki mk.1

With all the love I give to Tuyet and Lhikan, I figured it was time I tried my hand at a Nidhiki. I gotta get those 3D masks at some point, but the silver miru will do for now. I feel nice having the trio like this, my only lament it that I’ve used up all my silver pieces.:sweat_smile: What Gavla didn’t take for her wings and claws, I used for Nidhiki’s armor.
Not sure if I want this to be my “Nidhiki under Tuyet’s regime”yet. (What do you think of the larger torso piece on Tuyet?)
Hope you enjoy.


Looks pretty cool. I like the shoulder profile with the drills and Miru. Nice job!

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looks great!

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really love the shoulders, although the scythe could do with some work