Nidhiki, The Toa Mangai of Air, Destined for Despair

Designing him was harder than I had originally anticipated because I had to make sure he looked:
A: Similar enough to Toa Lhikan as they were both on the same Toa team
B: Unique as he’s from a completely different place than the rest of the Toa Mangai, and Krakua, who’s also from the Tren Krom Peninsula, has a very unique design
C: Not a lot like Toa Hagah Iruini. I was lucky that the Piraka foot piece contains a resemblance of the Gahlok-Kal shield piece

It only made sense to give him a dual weapon functionality so Nidhiki’s air scythe can split and become a pair of pincers:

Nidhiki Mutating into a permanent member of the Dark Hunters:

I really enjoyed the concept of his upper arms becoming a part of his shoulders, his lower arms becoming his new upper arms and his tools fusing to his former hands and becoming his new lower arms and “hands”.

Size Comparison featuring Lhikan and my version of Tuyet:

P.S. Nidhiki’s eyes are supposed to be orange, like Nokama’s eyes.


Funny you gave him a double bladed scythe, as in story he was described as shooting air from both sides of his weapon. Was that intentional?


I had completely forgotten about that. I made his scythe double bladed simply because of the pincer thing.

Guess you could call that a lucky coincidence :sweat_smile:


Great to see another Dual-Scyther! I knew it’d catch on. Jokes aside, I think the upper arms becoming the shoulders is a neat idea I haven’t seen before. Also I’m personally not a fan of the Sand Green but if Zaktan can pull it off then maybe Nidhiki can.

Overall great design!

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I like all of the similarities to his mutated form. So far, I’ve noticed:

  • Bohrok eyes and Metru armour for shoulders
  • Rahkshi shin forearms
  • “Gahlok-Kal” chest (I particularly like this one; I had the same idea)
  • Metru thighs

Did I miss any?

I also like the idea of using the claw pieces for his scythe. I’m don’t know yet if I’m a fan of having it be fully-symmetrically double-sided like this, but it’s certainly an interesting concept.

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You got everything :partying_face:

Have a Cookie :cookie:

the weapon idea is very smart. i like it!

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Yay! A Sand Green Nidhiki! Also the moc looks pretty nice.

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Hmm… I’d have to say the parts of this moc that I like would be the sand green and metru green combo, and the use of the Piraka foot for the chest.

This model has convinced me that a green piraka foot may be the best choice for a chest piece for Nidhiki due to giving a good shaping contrast to mutated Nidhiki and available coloration.


The fact that the scythes turn into the claws is genious.