Nidhiki, the Traitor

(Metallic silver)

Alt version (Pearl Silver)

He based on the Metru Torso build but the arm is customized and modified to easier to move to other angles.

This is my first time posting here so please be gentle.

Now with different pose, adjust color (as Axelford’s advice) and glowing color.

This is my take on Nidhiki, this is what he looks like before he got mutated.
I made and render with The custom packs i used is the Biopack and the Galva’s Pack and Swamp Kryakwa’s custom color pack.


Wrong mask but I understand the choice as it resembles his mutated face, maybe a custom mask that’s halfway between the voltak and this would be better but as a placeholder what you’ve got is fine. Overall the Moc is nice and I like that you’ve chosen pieces that can be obtained irl. Just a suggestion but maybe the bohrok eye colour should be changed?

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Okay but can i ask, what color should it changed?

I really like the design for the arms, it has the benefit of the metru build, and now has the range of motion of the inika build!

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Thank you!

Maybe to silver?

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Okay, i changed it