Nier Automata

So I noticed this game hasn’t really been talked about on here… Since I got this game on Steam, I’d like to talk about it.

Great gameplay with an amazing soundtrack to boot. The plot could use work to be honest but characters are an absolute joy to see interact with each other. Looks amazing too in a lot of cases and messing around is so much fun. Currently working on ending C/D. I’m still so shook by 2B…

I’m so sorry moose. I don’t know why I did this to you as soon as I started the game.

What are your thoughts on the game?

why are all my screen caps only from the 1st run


How expensive?


To be honest I’m interested in this game, only problem is that it’s over $50.

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I thankfully got it during the Square publisher sale.

I got it half off

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This is definitely a game I will pick up eventually. I have been wanting to play this for a while.

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The fact this one got more recognition than the first one triggers me to no end tbh/s

seriously though. The first nier was a friggin masterpiece story wise, with pretty good gameplay, and good characters. I wish this one was more tied into the first one rip

also the cookie ending in the first one brought a tear to my eye, actually one of the saddest endings in a video game rip

i love how im talking about the first one when i barely played the second

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Considering how the first one ends, how could Automata have been more connected to it?

There were like 8 endings to the first one, and i dunno. nods to characters?

There were nods to characters though? Also, all of the endings generally led to the same point.

So from what I know a lot of the stuff (like certain files you obtain, etc) connect tot he first game

But Automata is meant to be a game able to played on its own without knowing the previous game[quote=“BrokenAxels, post:6, topic:43962”]
brought a tear to my eye

It brings tears to my eyes in Automata. It gets kinda depressing imo

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