Nightmare: racer MOC

I just built this racer MOC, this is Nightmare, the night racer!( I wanted to give him a name like the name of other Lego racers sets example:bad, hero, strong) I hope you like it, and see ya’ the next time

No, I didn’t want to do this, just found it out right now 0_o
Tarduk’s racer is made by @LegoDavid , my bro, he gave me the right, okay?


the photos aren’t the highest quality, a bit of blurriness.

as for the Moc, it’s okay, kinda simplistic, though I do enjoy parts of the moc.

Though I feel like the pullback motor could’ve been covered better

with some more work and alterations, it could work.


Thanks I’ll see what I can do

Quite a nice design. I would suggest replacing the plates with something less study.

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