Nightsky Cavern - Painting by PN99

Hello everyone on the Boards!

Back again with some more art. This time it’s one of my first attempts at a landscape sort of painting.

It’s looking a little dark on my computer screen, sorry if you can’t see it very well!

The citizens of the town of Last Watch pray-tell the legends of a cavern where the twinkling of the stars seems to pierce through, and the mysterious beings that call it their home…

I hope you all enjoy, and please feel free to comment or critique!

If you read anything, have a cookie! :cookie:

As always,
Comment and Discuss!


That… That is just beautiful

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Thanks so much for the comment, @decepticonaiden, it really means a lot!

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It look it looks glorius with max brightness

Haha, thanks, @LTVmocs! I appreciate your compliment! :laughing: