Since they're coming out with a new album, I figured this might be a good time to make a topic about Nightwish! Who else appreciates their awesome music? Discuss your favorite songs, albums, and whatever else.

Link to the new album:


is it garbage that I only know 'Tenth man down', and only from war/battle/clone trooper videos?


It's still aight. I liked Nightwish more when they had Tarja Turunen on vocals.


Well, it’s not a bad song, so no…but I’d encourage you to listen to more!

Agreed. She’s the best vocalist they’ve had by far. Still, I’ve enjoyed all the albums since shw left because the instrumentation is usually very good.

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Over the Hills and Far Away is the only thing I can listen to in higher concentration.

Everything else is like, I dig it, but after a very short time I need to move on to another artist or genre.

It's weird.


I think that's the real reason you're called the Scrubtier Knight. stuck_out_tongue Maybe try some of their older music, like Oceanborn?

Don't like them.I'm a thrasher for the most part,but i also like a small number of modern metal bands and many classic ones like Sabbath or Priest.