Nihu, the Architect

Niju, namesake of Papa Nihu reef, was responsible for the reconstruction of Metru Nui after the Darkhunter war.

In the glory days, he was good friends with Lhikan. Both shared an idealism towards Metru Nui as a place of hope and prosperity. The Mangai simply needed to serve as examples of what the matoran they protected could reflect in themselves. After all, what better way to ensure a bright future than to nuture and care for it?

With his wrench spear, Nihu is a builder first, and a fighter when he has to be. He can often be seen working alongside other matoran, maintaining the Great City for future generations.


Is the mask colored/painted? I have a gold Kakama, but it looks more bronze colored than gold.


Yeah, it was like that when I got it from the shop. I figure the proper gold one would fit better if I get a hold of it. It works great for my Hewkii though since I use the dark gold with that one


Nice color scheme! Always felt like there had to be a Toa with gold and black.

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