I don’t know if anyone brought this up, but uh

it reminds me of the robots from “I, Robot(the movie)” and The Talos Principle

I think you need to spice it up

the dress seems random… is it hiding something like a weapon under there?
Otherwise it’s moderately alright. Nice custom head I guess?


because she’s a gril
a wealthi gril at that


That can still be conveyed with something that isn’t a lot brighter than the rest of the MOC.

My issue isn’t the presence of a dress, it’s that the execution feels somewhat random. The colors don’t seem to be selected in any way that was intended to match with the MOC, so it sort of just looks tacked on.

To be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever worn clothes that matched my skin or hair colour before… :wink:

I think the colour is fine, it goes well with the red/orange elsewhere in the moc; in the eyes, ‘heartlight’ and number ‘5’ on her back.


but you’re not a robit :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it sorta just looks odd given the fact that it’s only really half of a dress, it’d probably look more fitting if it continued above the waist as well.


True :stuck_out_tongue:

The only real gripe I have with it is that it’s a texture that isn’t present anywhere else on the figure, but I don’t think the dress necessarily needs to continue above the waist.
I do think some more cloth pieces elsewhere would greatly help; (like an arm or wrist bands, or on a weapon if she ever needed to wield one…?).
…otherwise I love everything about this moc, and I honestly don’t think anything NEEDS to be changed or ‘fixed’. :slight_smile:

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Sonny, is that you?

This aesthetic is not for me.