The founder of SEE industries and it’s current ‘‘leader’’
she had her brain transferred into this early SbL prototype in 2716 to avoid the NX7 virus,and is now,at 160 years old,the oldest person alive


Pretty cool, I like the torso build and the forearms are pretty sweet too.

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You’re MOCs never cece to impress and terrify me. Nice job.


I think I know where you got the inspiration for this robot from.

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But if they’re a robit, are they even human

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it’s not completely robits
SbLs have organs,veins,a skelton n stuff except they have somekind of metal exoskeleton instead of skin


So kinda like an MU inhabitant


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I feel like she could use a bit more clothing, like a shoulder cape or something, the massive skirt makes the design unbalanced.
Rather like the build.

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Very nice blend between non-LEGO elements and LEGO again.

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While it’s very interesting, I’m not huge on how there’s just a random red dress on part of the MOC. It feels random and messes up the cohesion.

This MOC looks both depressed and depressing. But at least she’s #5.

Jokes aside it’s pretty cool. However, the shoulder design seems a bit limited. Never had any luck with hordika necks as shoulders.

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Why should all Mocs be fully color schemed. I personally like it when accessories on Mocs are completely different colors. It makes them stand out and gives the moc a bit more realistic style. The red skirt also gives the moc quite a bit of character.

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######Ghosty… stahp with deez creepy faces…
######I’m not getting sleep anymore…

Anyway, I think this is a pretty cool moc, I like the way you use material in your mocs

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Well, what’s the point of the dress?

It’s a random piece of red cloth in the lower half of the MOC, and the exposed upper body makes it clear that the character isn’t trying to hide the robotic nature. It just completely breaks the color scheme and doesn’t really seem necessary, especially in red.

It adds personality to the moc. Making it seem more human. If the cloth was gray, the moc would seem far more robotic.

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If it’s going to be something drastically different, it should at least be a duller red. The build of the MOC should be what catches the eye, not a random piece of cloth on the lower half.

Also, @Ghosty, could you post a picture of the legs not blocked by the cloth? I think I’ve noticed something in the build that I’d like to have a better look at, if you wouldn’t mind.

That face is solidly stuck in the uncanny valley.

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i don’t have the MOC with me right now,thought i’ll post a pic tomorrow if i have the time

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This is a really cool concept.
The sculpted faces are very ‘uncanny valley’-like, but without going so far as to become something unsightly or uncomfortable to look at.
All of your mocs recently with this aesthetic are very reminiscent of the robots in the ‘Adam’ Unity demo/short film, so I’ve got to ask if that’s something you’ve seen before/inspired these mocs at all?

Here’s the video. I’m not sure if links to videos for reference are allowed on the boards, so please remove this/I will remove this, if it is.