Nikila, the Toa Cordak of Lightning (ver. Mirai)

Today, I want to show you guys my iteration of this fallen Toa Cordak member: Nikila.

Note: I know she has a unique mask for her but they don’t look good on her here, so I have to use Galva’s Non Aquatic Great Arthron instead.

Front and Back view.

Nikila’s Trident.

Nikila and Lesovikk for the height comparison.

I hope you like this iteration of her and please tell me what you guys think about her.


Looks quite epic

Like how you translated the art design into moc, especially mask - unlike most 3d models of her mask, normal Arthron doesn’t feel off on a lego build

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ah this is a pretty good looking moc. I really like the way you recreated the armor, especially on the torso and arms. That weapon and mask are neat too. Nice job!


This is nice. You didn’t try to go for maximum artwork accuracy, but that works for this model. The choice of mask is good as well, because most 3d models i’ve seen of Nikila’s mask seem a little too…big.
Great moc!


I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re too big, but they’re definitely disproportionate compared to the artwork.

this looks really cool!
the arthron looks really good on her!


looks solid, really nice rendering!

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I like how you did the upper waist using those handlebar bits :+1:
It gives it a mechanical piston look.

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