one of the BPR’s ‘‘generals’’,humans who have been augmented with small doses of the NX7 virus,making them alot stronger/faster


That blade is too much heresy in one place. BEGONE /s

This is my favorite of these so far. I especially like the head, with the tubes running in.


Very good, but i don’t really like the cloth… it’s color is a bit distracting. if you had it in a light tan (or at the very least dirty it up like the mask), I think it would work a lot better


Gost all of your recent MOCs look so similar
Pretty edgy, but it looks good. The cloth is a nice addition.


The gas mask is great! Otherwise, pretty neat albeit relatively generic.

Out of curiosity, do you actually have enough black parts to keep all of the characters for your story built at once, or has there been recycling?

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It’s, alright, despite the different parts usage these are all starting to look a bit same-y, add some color to them.
A stripe on the chest, an arm band, just something.

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Not too sure whether or not I like the cloth, but the build itself is pretty cool, as is the gas mask.

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^ This


nah they’re built all at once

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too op plz nerf

Looks pretty neat, but I feel like he’s too similar to every other MOC you’ve made for this story. I know they’re robotic, but the heads feel like they just lack any identity.


This looks pretty good, as all your work does. My only gripe is that the black and grey colors have gotten dull at this point, it sucks the life and characters out of the characters…

Neat regardless.

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Another creepy, yet awesome MOC. Maybe you could work on a MOC with a unique color-
scehme as most of them have been black and grey or white.

A lot of the modified parts make me want to have them as actual parts, suck as the shortened spikes and the chest, out of curiosity what methods do you use to cut the parts? Okay it sounds stupid but I mean like what kind of blades do you use cut them and do you smoothen them?
Though it wouldn’t kill you to add some color into these mocs, lots of people are tired of the black and gray, its not necisarnaly bad, but the dark edginess of the black and grey color scheme gets sucked out when everything in that universe is that color, you could add like lights or something, or even use dark colors.

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I really, really like these mocs. They’re like characters in a dystopian world and I think they fit that aesthetic very well. I like the contrast between the black exoskeleton-looking pieces and the white cloth and organic-looking parts.
The blade is a nice touch as well. Keep up the good work!

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Ghosty if you came up with the idea of cutting the back for that blade piece to get that katana shape then you are a genius. Also are the blade and the torso piece the only cuts ones? Other than that, cool moc.

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Your MoCs are awesome! I love there custom faces!

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H E R E S Y . . .



H E R E S Y !

Lol, but I do like the sword.

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How do you make those custom masks? They’re cool!

so recently i’ve been trying to polish up my story a bit
nikkuya’s backstory is going to another character(i dunno if it’ll be a MOC thought)

so Nikkuya instead is one the BPR’s ‘‘generals’’
here for more info: Story dump

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Soo, the tubes are a nice touch?

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