Ninja vs Evil Dragon Generals (Ninjago Dragon Contest)

Here’s my MOC entry for the contest, and I spent a lot of time on this:

The Ninja are facing off against the 6 Evil Dragons.

Nightwing, the Shadow Dragon;

Blizzard, the Ice Dragon;

Scorch, the Fire Dragon;

Horntail, the Sound Dragon;

Bolt, the Lightning Dragon

and Storm, the Wind Dragon.

I put a lot of time and effort into this, and rushed to get it uploaded as soon as I could, so sorry if some images look lop-sided, so I pray that it makes it in. BTW, the Purple dragon in there is my dragon.


I can’t really see the dragons because of all that mess, take a picture with just one of them at a time. The head to some of them is over large,color scheme is a complete mess to some, why did you put all those sets there?

don’t rush make individual pictures


Hmm… The Wind, Fire, Shadow, and Blizzard Dragons’ weapons look familiar… What’s with that?

I like the whole “team” thing you’ve got, an entire team of MOCs. While on their own, they are not outstanding (Besides the Wind, Sound, and Shadow, those custom heads!), but together, it’s pretty awesome. Nice job!


The pictures are awful, however the Mocs are good. Of course some are better than others, but it’s a good concept.

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Using CCBS to mass produce a dragon army is a great idea!

I just saw that there were a few names missing on the captions, and would like to fix that.
The Fire Dragon is named Scorch(yes, this is the same Scorch from my Art entry), and the Lightning Dragon is named Bolt.