Ninjago 2015 Set Images Leaked!

Ninjago 2015 Set Images Leaked!

Confidential set images for the 2015 Ninjago leaks have also been released, courtesy of the site that leaked the Bionicle set images earlier today. These set images line up with the set list that was released last month, and also give us some glimpse into the lineup for the next year.

Considering that the forthcoming Ninjago movie is geared for a Sept. 23, 2016 release (with possible sequels beyond that), it’s safe to say that the line will be continuing at least until then. But it is also nice to see where Ninjago will be heading for the foreseeable future.

[Source] β€œImage Gallery" via Dingsda

Written by: Kahi, 9/14/2014

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Those blank minifigs though.

These are obviously way early in production, so I'm legit curious how the story's gonna go.

I imagine we'll get like, humans in some sort of Anacondrai cult, just based off the blank figs, but I could be very wrong.

I can't wait to see how it turns out. :]

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Titanium Zane?


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I'm sorry, is that a keetorange ninja?

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Either Keetorange or yellow.

Crushing my hopes for a Purple Ninja entirely. :/

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I'm hoping those blank minifigs are part of the actual release.

I doubt it 100%, sorry to say

Even though they're prelims, those look like great sets.

I wanna single out the Dragon, because I gotta wonder if it ties into the events of 34 at's likely.

The Electro Mech looks epic.

And it looks like we're gonna get 2 variants of each ninja this wave.

Yeah, I imagine it's a similar case to the Kendo/ZX situation from 2012, or the Standard/DX situation from 2011

Likely the armored form is the normal one, and the other form is like, for incognito Rambo-style Jungle survival.


Titanium Zane Is kewl though. Wonder what printing he'll have.

So... I haven't spoiled the last 2 episodes, so I don't know how it ends, but... Pythor brings the Anacondrai back? Megaweapon? What is happened here?

They look awesome, though.

And then the Keetorange Ninja must use his powers of wearing an underused color to defeat them.

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I quite believe that the "tanktop" ninja will be similar to the Kendo ninja of 2012, as an additional "training" sort of outfit.

Overall this wave looks quite interesting, it mike bring my interest in Ninjago back up again.

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