Ninjago 2015 Set Names and Prices Revealed

Ninjago 2015 Set Names and Prices Revealed

It’s that time of year again; leaks for Lego’s Winter 2015 set lines are starting to emerge. Swiss shopping site Max Bersinger AG has recently posted the entire Winter 2015 range of Lego sets to their website, before swiftly taking them down. These listings included set names only (no pictures), but thankfully CM4Sci and David Thomsen from Eurobricks have managed to obtain some additional information about these sets, such as better translations of their names and NZD prices.

Beginning with Ninjago’s 2015 lineup, the theme will clearly see the resurgence of the Anacondrai, Pythor’s supposedly extinct Serpentine tribe, as the main villain force for the year.

Credit to David Thomsen, CM4Sci’s contact, for the translated set names and NZD prices.

Anacondrai Crusher (70745) – 39.99

Anacondrai Copter Attack (70746) – 49.99

Cole’s Boulder Blaster (70747) – 49.99

Titanium Dragon (70748) – 79.99

Temple of Anacondrai (70749) – 99.99

Mobile Ninja Base (70750)

Unknown Set (70751)

Jungle Trap (70752) – 12.99

Lava Falls (70753) – 14.99

Jay’s ElectroMech (70754) – 29.99

Lloyd’s Jungle Raider (70755) – 39.99

TTV’s initial video:

CM4Sci’s Eurobricks post:

Written by: Mesonak, 9/3/2014

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Ah, okay, Lloyd's Jungle Raider makes much more sense than Jungle Predators. So yeah, Lloyd confirmed to have his own vehicle, by the looks of it.

Mobile Base is prolly a big semi truck.

Based on nothing but the title from Episode 34, I wanna say that the Titanium Dragon has something to do with the events of that episode.

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if you think about it that sounds like....

Anacondrai tribe.....interesting......I wonder how this will play out.

I think the way the anacondrai return is that pythor get some golden power when the golden armor is forging,and he wish to revenge on the ninja,then the golden power bring him back in size and awaken the anacondrai and give them elemental power


No chima pls

Considering that Ninjago gets a movie that is stated as following a different plot from the series in 2016, its possible that this is effectively the final wave of Ninjago designed to bring back some of the 'greatest villains' of the series for a final battle.

Hope we get a list of the Marvel set names and prices soon :3