Ninjago 2016 General Discussion

This is something I need to know.

Did they acknowledge that Pythor was still alive?

I may have missed it when watching the special, but was Cole’s green scar ever explained?

I haven’t seen DotD yet, I hope it’s good. Tbh it seems like it’ll be the end of regular Ninjago, at least for now. Since the winter and summer 2017 waves will be part of the movie.

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It… Exists. Nothing about it(nor the significance of the orange hands) is ever actually explained. If there’s a plot point tied to it, we won’t find out 'til Hands of Time(presumably).

Oh yes. He actually joins in on hunting the ninja of his own accord. This doesn’t really lead to anything save a poorly thought out attack on Lloyd and him getting away again.

Don’t get your hopes up and don’t worry either. DotD is disappointing, but we’ve already had another “adventure”(Hands of Time) confirmed at Comic Con. At this point there’s no telling whether it will be a special or a season, but at least it’s something.


So I just finished watching it.

Kinda made me sad. you could see threads of cool stuff, but it was so rushed and poorly written it just kinda left you feeling empty. This did not quench my thirst for more Ninjago…it just made me even more thirsty.

It seems like they could have made at least eight episodes out of it, rather then the rather mediocre and rushed two we got. Even the animation looked really rushed, everything moved super fast and made me wonder if I was watching a sped up version. I came into this wanting a really satisfying and good special that nicely tied up plot threads leftover from the series. but I was left with 44 minutes of meh.

Overall, not great, I would not even call it that good. Watch if you are a Ninjago fan. but as a Ninjago fan I disliked it even more…

At least we got some good music from the Fold.

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Speaking of poorly written, it wasn’t even advertised to the point in which I had no idea it even aired. Hands Of Time sounds really interesting tough, looking forward t it.

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The Airjitzu set was confusing to many fans that follow the lore, but the ending of Day of the Departed fixed the reason why:

The Airjitzu set looks beautiful and well structure but people thought this was uncanny since the current Airjitzu temple is a abandon wreckage.
However at the end of Day of the Departed, the Airjitzu Temple was restored to it’s original appearance and the Ninja’s now lives inside the building.

TL;DR The Temple of Airjitzu set took place after Day of the Departed which was weird choice yet unpredictable.


Skybound = best season and you cannot change my mind.