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#WINTER 2017

70621: The Vermillion Attack

70622: Desert Lightning

70623: Destiny’s Shadow

70624: Vermillion Invader

70625: Samurai VXL

70626: Dawn of Iron Doom

70627: Dragon Forge


I’m pretty interested on that set.


I’m looking forward to it.

These are for the movie, right?

Is Shadow of the Destiny’s Bounty a confirmation of my Ninjago-Destiny crossover dreams?!

Now just what could this disaster be?

Well, 2017 villains: Vermillion. Why? I don’t know.

Anyone else happy to hear the show will go on past the movie?


I mean it kind of makes sense, because there are going to be these gaps in between movies and I don’t think LEGO wants to drop Ninjago.

Credit to LEGO for putting these photos onto their Wu-Cru app. Aanchir, @CM4Sci, & NinjaJayNuva have located the likely HoT outfits, located below:

Eurobricks user Exetrius has also saved some screenshots of a removed youtube video, likely HoT as well. Images below again:

It’s more than likely that these are next year’s HoT designs, dubbed “fusion suits” by LEGO (a lot like the jungle/spellbound suits from season 4).

So, what do you folks think of these minifigs? Are they better than any of your expectations (they should be), or just lackluster?

Shamelessly plugged to @Nyran, @RaptorTalon, @Mesonak, @prpldragon, @Takua, @Pot8o, & @Vuhii.
Edit: @Political_Slime pl()x pls


I had nothing to do with this discovery but thanks lol

And yes, these are the suits coming in next years sets. :wink:

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I am excited. The suits seem familiar, yet new in a different way than the other upcoming suits.

I really like them.
They emulate the best suits each had.
(Except Zane’s. I hate Zane’s)

I freaking love those suits. and I am amazingly hyped for the new season.

these suit designs are really good
and I want all the ninja from 2017 now

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Apparently the box art was leaked on Reddit recently but I can’t find it​:sob::sob:

Box arts are mentioned at eurobricks:

I remember seeing the header and Minifig roster of one set. The header with Nya and Kai makes sense. Plus, the minifigs of them and supposedly their parents looks intriguing.

Keep your spoiler in-tact.

So pretty much the story is base around time, the enemy looks filled with energy and one of the minifigure appears to be Kai father.

So the 2017 prelims are up on /r/ lego.

The sets are really cool, and I like them more than the 2016 sets (I hate pirate aesthetics, I don’t know why, but I do) but I have a sliiiiight problem with them.

I don’t see Nya in any of them. I really like Nya, so not having her in one of the sets is really annoying. What’s even more annoying is that Jay is in almost every single set. WHY DO WE NEED SO MANY JAYS!?

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Hmm, perhaps we just can’t see clear enough, and some of those Jay’s are actually Nya’s. It wouldn’t make sense to have Nya as one of the box headers and not include her in some capacity. I’m thinking the ones in Dragon Forge and Samurai Trubomobil are her if anything, since it’s a combo dragon with Kai and the namesake.

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