Ninjago 2018 General Discussion

User have been commenting left and right about the Son of Garmadon series in the 2017 and Movie Discussion topic, so I guess it’s time to make a general topic here.

Winter Wave

Summer Wave

Oni Titan


So this season will stick with the movie?

I’m kinda excited honestly. Been a while since I have been when it comes to car sets but the one the motorbike thing and the mech seems intresting

These sets are definitely on my list,

I still don’t understand. It is in the same timeline with the rest of the serial, or with the movie?

It’s part of the TV show continuity.



Then why Garmadon is there? Why the figures looks like in the movie?

The appearance of the Ninja has been altered to familiarize them with the Movie Ninja as part of the overarching Ninjago brand, so people new to the franchise can recognize them as the Ninja, no matter the continuity.

As for Garmadon, I’d imagine it’s for a similar reason, though as the Hands of Time season has not aired yet, we can’t be sure.


from what i have been able to tell from this video that has Garmadon in his 2018 torso armor, it might not be really him:

I mean Garmadon did not leave a corpse when he was taken to the Cursed Realm, and because of the purple goo that is leaking from his armor, im thinking that this might be Overlord…

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wasn’t the cursed realm destroyed

I hope they dont bring back the overlord he was such a generic bad guy

Judging from what we know about Ninjago and it’s Realms, Garmadon would be in the Departed Realm now.


@Square, may need to add this photo:

Cool map and green snakes, though the build isn’t remarkable. Still, whatever floats your boat (and this one does).


I like the car, mainly because I love the color green and the fact it has guns on it. I’m simple like that.

Other than that, most of these are alright. Not a massive Ninjago fan, but they still look pretty decent and I’m sure those who are will get a kick out of them.

Ha, they already did that with Ninjago: Decoded, but I believe that was just for that series.


Plus the back of the box arts with play functions here:


Isn’t that from Brickset Flickr?


Then it is from the Lego Group.

Pretty interesting stuff.


That’s really neat. I find it funny how Aske Garling went from designing Skull Slicer, to the Lightning Jet! What a progression.


By the way, thought I’d mention this, as can be seen, there are two skateboards included on opposite sides of “the big fig”'s bike which I believe are meant to be individually taken off with the intent to act as roller-skates for “the big fig” itself.