Ninjago 2019 Discussion

The Fold is back in Ninjago, with another remix of the Weekend Whip:

What are your thoughs?

Huh, I don’t really like it that much actually.

It’s not that typical Whip, the fans would expect to get.

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After watching the first eight episodes on TV (for some reason On Demand has episodes one through eight already), I think the new ten minute run time has its ups and downs. It’s definitely used to great effect in episodes six and eight. Those are the kind of episodes I hoped the new run time could bring, telling stories that wouldn’t warrant a 20 minute episode. They also give the spotlight to new or minor characters, providing a nice change.

Many of the other episodes could be paired into one longer “episode,” but they don’t feel as complete as previous episodes. These episodes also show a potential problem, since the ten minutes seems too long, rather than too short. A few of the episodes seem to stretch a 3-5 minute sequence of a longer episode into its own 10 minute episode. While none of these episodes are outright boring, the sequences don’t feel as though they should stand alone. They are still reasonably cohesive with each other, though.

So far episodes one and two seem somewhat negligible; they’re not too important to the main plot. Episodes three, four, five, and seven are fun enough, especially when watched in one sitting. Episodes six and eight benefit the most from the shorter run time, since they don’t really overstay their welcome. The plot is a little light so far; it seems as if small details are sprinkled throughout episodes. Hopefully they will come together more as the season progresses.

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From the episodes i have seen so far (1 to 8), i really like the new format that the show has now, plus you can tell that there are more focus on details, it’s almost on par with the LEGO movies (minus trying to look like actual stop motion) and i think Aspheera might be one of the best Ninjago villains the series have had in a while, so far.

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Ninjago Anime confirmed!


Welp, time for me to stop buying Ninjago sets

Um, why?

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There’s something he hasn’t told you

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Dunno why everyone is flipping a crap over this on twotter, the 3D animation has always been clunky and awkward, particularly in fight scenes, which is annoying when they’re such a focus. This is only going to improve the quality of the animation if you ask me. I can understand it taking away from its… lego-ness? But, it’s probably better for the series as a whole.

Though I also suspect these are just gonna be shorts, but a boy can dream :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno, the fights have definitely been getting better when compared to what we had in season 1

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Perhaps, I mainly just remember cringing at the ones in Hands of Time, but that season was pretty awful across the board so maybe I just have the worst example in my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

some of the fight scenes in season 11 have been pretty good. to be honest, i think this season might be Ninjago’s best so far.

from what i have seen of the negative reactions, they almost seem to be just “Anime? ew, i hate that trash.”

and by the way, to anyone who is wondering if this is how the show is gonna be animated from now on:

Anime? ew, i hate that trash.

Didn’t they already do stop-motion, with the ninjago movie?

nope. The LEGO movies are actually computer animated. They are just made to look like they are stop motion.

Which makes the level of details they make on them quite impressive when people actually make the mistake of thinking that they are stop-motion.

well I don’t watch Anime my self but I do know there’s some Anime that are good, also I don’t mind this Ninjago Anime but that’s probably me not being a big fun of Ninjago.

I don’t know if I can agree on this one. It seems to have taken a step back from the darker tone of season 10.

Dark story telling does not always equal good story telling. personally i feel like the “Oni Trilogy” just got weaker after the storyline was over. It started to have more of the feeling of “we want to have a more darker and mature story, but we couldn’t because it’s a Cartoon Network show and a LEGO product.”


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Yeah, but I feel like season 11 has becomed a little to childish compared to we were used to seeing.