Ninjago, but it's just Bionicle

  1. A long time ago two brothers battled over the absolute power. And although the battle as been over for a long time, evil is still present on this island. That is until new elemental masters rise to defeat evil and save the world. Meet: the fire guy with the blade, the ice guy that has a tendency towards asymmetrical robot faces, the lighthearted guy that has some sort of weather control and more.
    To save the island, they have to find hidden artifacts that bear great power. The evil brother does everything in his power to stop our heroes, whether sending guardian beasts after them or even creating living shadows. The heroes have to combine their powers to overcome the obstacles that lay in the path towards the villain’s chambers. Eventually the battle ends with the heroes securing the artifacts and the villain evading a consequential fight.
  2. After a quite short time of piece new villains rise from below the ground. Their mission: To destroy the home of our beloved heroes. They seem unstoppable. Though they are not strong, they are great in number. This time the battle will be about key elements that are required to unlock the chamber were the key to their power is hidden. But beware, this army has one or two ways to make you one in their ranks. The only solution to defeat them is to combine the powers of the elements
    2.5) Nothing really important happens, but the army is not done yet. A new golden object rises to prominence, just to be forgotten again.
  3. The kid has become the chosen one, now he has to find the power. But darkness has found a new way of spreading. Time is running short, for both heroes and the master of evil. Only a battle between light and shadows can bring clarity. But the villain seems to be controlled by something else…
  4. On another occasion the capital city of islanders is under attack. But the foe comes from inside the city, from the very center. The technology in this city is under the command of the being residing in the center tower, but something about the resident of this tower is suspicious. The fact that security in this city is fully automated doesn’t make things easier for our heroes. Especially since our villain can control machines at will. This time there have to be sacrifices made for our heroes.
    Also the golden object from 2.5 plays an important role in the plan of our evil mastermind.
  5. 5.5 After the devastating outcome of the last battle our red protagonist becomes more and more distressed. Things don’t get better when the heroes enter the property of self-proclaimed, devious and manipulating royalty. The sinister royalty is out to get the elemental powers to bring chaos back to this world, and gladly they take red hero as their new servant. Red hero and green hero have to make peace with one another to succeed. And although the villain gets want they wanted, the heroes finally triumph. (Also there is a giant monster from a dark pocket dimension)
  6. After a time of piece our heroes a called upon again. This time they have to face a bunch of crooks. But that proofs to be more difficult than expected. That may be because of the crooks’ leader, a seemingly unnatural being, cunning and feared by allies and foes alike. And he achieves the unthinkable. He and his crew defeat the heroes, one by one. It takes a group of seemingly nobodies to defeat them. The villains don’t trust another and are more scared of their leader than anything.
  7. Not shortly after our heroes face warriors that were long forgotten by now. Defeated by an allied force of good and not-so-good, they seek for revenge. But to do that, they have to regain their original power, and they just know how. Meanwhile our heroes make a new ally, but little do they know that they know this person already for a long time. The warriors bing new allies to the fight: an army of animals, loyal only to them. To save the world, another sacrifice has to be made.
  8. The battle between light and dark was never more serious than now. Darkness has proclaimed war, and although they are not that many, they are strong. The heroes at first think they are outmatched, but soon again gain the upper hand. Or so they think: The master of destruction has returned, stronger than ever before, that power being manifested in a giant body. The ones able to stop him are forced to retreat towards the desert of their origin.
    8.5) The heroes meet the barbarians native to this world, but they also find out more about their creator and the circumstances their world was created in. But soon they have to discover that one of the inhabitants of this world is a cold hearted liar. All the while the master of destruction is free to rule their home, but a resistance rises to protect those that cannot protect themselves.
  9. The army of darkness is here to claim the entire universe. Only the power of nostalgia can stop them and loosen their grip upon their home. Why don’t we add gold?

I skipped Dotd whoops


This was fun to read :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol it is funny to see the parallels. Nia being the elemental master of water, and female haha


evidently women in denmark really like water and lego wanted to put their culture into the story


There’s some bionicle versions for the weapons(scaled up to fit bionicle) on thingiverse

After a time of piece our heroes a called upon again. This time they have to face a bunch of crooks.


Bonus round:

  • royalty has a power-adapting female with shapeshifting powers on their side, but not for long, however she later joins the resistance against master of destruction
  • white hero + gold = rip
  • good brother main character in desert arc
  • good brother’s fighting armor hidden in desert
  • green hero of air from past times becomes villain
  • “Control time. Control Everything!”
  • water arc does not end well for the heroes

Both white heroes that went rip were ice-themed, too, which is interesting. And both, at one point or another, had the asymmetrical robot face.



Impressive. Possession doesn’t quite fit, huh? It’s just condensed into the Preeminent = Zivon equation.

…Funny how they both have a large amount of limbs. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Possession thing was indeed difficult, though it still tackles the relationship between red and green, only that this time Kai has to accept his protector role, while Morro somewhat shows what Kai would become if he didn’t let go on the green ninja dream. So Morro could be interpreted as the true evil Kai.


A toa of speed will easily have wheels on his feet. Perhaps a mask based off of savitar from the flash(which there is(look up the kanohi savitar on shapeways))

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If Bionicle had continued, then maybe you’d be able to find parallels between those years and the Wildbrain* era of ninjago. :stuck_out_tongue:

But as it was, this was an absolute masterpiece.

*Secrets Of The Forbidden Spinjitzu onward

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Wow, I must have forgotten that Wildbrain took over the show. The genius minds behind Boohbah, Teletubbies, and In The Night Garden are now giving us Ninjago. (Yes I know it’s not that simple, WildBrain owns a ton of children’s media production companies)


One more thing:
In 2.5 a monster is introduced that only exists to hunt the main characters.


  • In 6 there is a giant spider
  • the final fight of 6 is decided by a stunning projectile
  • water character is almost dying at the end of 6
  • in 6 there is a villain whose name is referring to double (they finally found a way to shut him up😆)

I noticed another similarity:

In season 5, the ninja are like the Toa Inika trying to reach the Ignika (Realm Crystal) before Morro (Vezon or the Piraka) does, facing tests along the way in the Tomb of the Spinjitzu Master just like how the Ignika tested the Toa and Vezon and the Piraka alike.


So that’s why I couldn’t find any Ignika parallels in Skybound, now it all makes sense🤯.

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Seasons 8 and 9 are essentially the Phantoka and Bara Magna arc of G1:

  • The ninja battle the Sons of Garmadon in S8, similar to the Toa Nuva fighting the Brotherhood in Karda Nui

  • Similar to the 6 keystones which open the Codrex and awaken Mata Nui, the 3 Oni Masks were used to resurrect Garmadon, who then took over Ninjago City just like how Teridax took over the GSR

  • A resistance is formed after Garmadon’s takeover, similar to the one formed after Teridax’s takeover

  • Just like how the Ignika gets expelled to Bara Magna with Mata Nui inside, the ninja and toddler Wu get teleported to the Oni and Dragon realm


The original post of this topic was me trying to line up every season of Ninjago with a story arc of Bionicle. You can do comparisons like that in every season. It’s the same frame work for both stories, the same tropes in a similar order. All the way up to season ten.

Vakama=Master Wu
Garmadon=Spirit of Destruction
Overlord=Master of Shadows
Grundal=Rahi Nui
Golden Master=Ultimate Dume
Emperor Garmadon=GSR Teridax
Shadow Kai=Shadow Toa, Golden Weapons=Kanohi Masks
Time Twins=Barraki
Samurai X(S7)= Maxilos
Chen & Clouse=Roodaka & Sidorak, Preeminent=Zivon
Young Wu=Mata Nui
Dragon Hunters=Skrall
Ultra Violet=Gorast
Dark Matter=Antidermis
Iron Baron=Metus
Tornado of Creation= Kaita
Skull Spiders=Manas
Morro=Nidhiki/Evil Vakama
First Realm=Bara Magna
Ninjago city= Metru Nui

Also some far fetched ones: Mistake=Krika, Mr E=Vamprah, Monkey Wrench=Avak, Dogshank=Reidak, Flintlock=Hakann, Dubloon=Vezok/Vezon, Omega=Nektann