Ninjago+Chima crossover confirmed!

Proven near the end of episode 54 when Morro and Lloyd fight while going through the other realms. At one point, Morro and Lloyd enter Chima and Laval asks what are they doing here (I think) before reentering Ninjago.

This proves that Chima and Ninjago are in the same universe and that Chima is one of the 16 realms.



Intriguing. Since Ninjago and Chima are from two different realms, what could the other 14 be?

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For all we know Okoto could be one of those

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That's what I was wondering about...

What if Lego's trying to make an inter-connecting universe?


Ok, if it is like that mention some examples of other lego themes that could be a part of those 16 realms

Personally, I would like BIONICLE to stay separate from other Lego themes. While it would be interesting if they all had some sort of connection (like how the Lego Movie said different themes were different realms) we still don't have a lot of evidence on it.

As for this Ninjago-Chima thing, it makes sense. We visited the Ninjago line first, and then we took a break to look at Chima. Now that Chima is ending, we see more Ninjago. They seem to be running along side eachother.

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What if bionicle is one of the realms, and the twist is that it is the G1 universe stuck_out_tongue, maybe the alpha team theme will get a realm of its own open_mouth

I feel like lines from the past decade will probably fall into it more.

Remember the Invaders line? It was connected to the Monsters Line and then Galaxy Squad, and now we have Ultra Agents which was connected into that. Again, it seems Lego is making a lot of connections here...

So I wouldn't be surprised if Lego pulled off something where they show the grand plan of an entire universe with planets for Chima, Ninjago (which shares with other normal Lego lines like City and then other things like Invaders) and a bunch of different ones.


Well we already know about a LCU.
Why not a LAU?

Well, the ones we know about are:

The Cursed Realm (aka the Preeminent)
2. The realm where Lord Garmadon got 4 arms which is the realm where Wu drank Traveler's Team to reach Garmadon
3. Chima
4. Ninjago
5.The Underworld
6. Cloud Kingdom

That also means that there are 10 realms we don't know about.


Cursed realm
Dark world
Cloud Kingdom

cursed realm got rekt
so now we have 15 realms

Or that the G1 and G2 are 2 completly different dimensions and they can be entered using the Olmak.

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If Chima and Bionicle cross over, I'm burning my collection.


Actually, I was wondering if one of the realms was Bricksburg from the Lego Movie. If so, that rules out a lot of different realms. In the Lego Movie they had Bricksburg, Atlantis, Dino Island, Cape Space, Pharaoh's Quest, Middle Zealand, the Old West, Pirate's Cove, Viking's Landing, Viking's realm, The Forest of Obsolete Products, and Technic Mecha Mine (According to Science Fiction and Fantasy. com.) Maybe some of those are a single realm, like the two viking's things. But if we include Ninjago and Chima, that's 12 realms out of 16. So, we're still missing a few. But, there are a few different realms in ninjago, such as the underworld, and Cloud World place thingy. There may be more, such as the place Garmodon went to get his four arms. There was a portal there, so maybe it is a different realm. And I would include the Cursed Realm, but if morrow's master was the cursed realm, I have to ask which realm did she come out of? A new one or an old one? Also, if anyone knows the name of Morrow's Master, it would be helpful.

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The Preemminent, AKA The Cursed Realm.

Also, all of you guys are strictly assuming that there will be a ton of crossovers. I'm hoping otherwise. I would like to keep it to a minimum, personally, just Ninjago and Chima is enough for me.

Also, technically we do have another realm, but it's not for sure.
If we have
*The Cursed Realm
*The Underworld
*Dark Realm
*Cloud Kingdom
And then possibly the Digiverse, if you want to count that.

There's also the possibility of other original realms, and I hope for those, not just cheap crossovers other themes.


This proves that either:

A: Ninjago and Chima take place in the same universe.
B: The Ninjago writers have an excellent sense of humor.


The other realms are all mystical in nature, whereas the Digiverse was simply an VR Program created by Borg for the sake of a video game, which later evolved into a method of attacking The Overlord.

I hardly think it's a realm like the others.


I'm just noting that it is called the Digital Realm on several occasions.

Not really serious, just making an observation.

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look what i found on the Chima character page:

Did they actualy do this intentionaly?


Probably not, but it's hilarious regardless :laughing: