Ninjago Hair Swap

So, I've been meaning to post this topic since September, but things came up that kept me from doing so. But now, since TLNM is now out on Digital in the US, and will be available on DVD & Blu-ray on the 19th in the US, I figured it's time that I post this topic. This was originally meant to be a look at how the ninja could look like in the TV show for Season 8, Sons of Garmadon, but now that this is being posted when the images from the preview are out(which I have not seen yet, and have been trying to avoid, so no spoilers here yet, please :worried:), these are a bit inaccurate. But these still could be looks that we might see later on in the series. :wink:

These are some pictures that I took, of the Ninja in the TV show, with the Movie Ninja hair pieces, and apologies if any of the pictures look sideways. I tried the hair pieces out on each faceprint that we got, that I owned at the time that these pictures were taken, for each of the ninja, and took pictures of some of the faceprint with the original hair piece on for comparison.
starting with Kai

now Nya

The Movie Hair barely fits on when the ZX armor is on.

Next is Zane

Just pretend the movie hair is titanium for these next few. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then Lloyd

Then Jay

Now Cole


and now for a few group shots of the ninja, with the Original hair pieces and the movie hair pieces(these were before I got High School Cole)

the ninja in the KX suits, and Nya in her 2012 Samurai X suit:

Nya and Lloyd's alternate faces:

The Ninja in their 2017 Fusion Suits:

Kai, Nya, Cole and Jay's alternate faces:

Out of all of these, in my opinion, Cole with the High School hair piece, looks the best.

I also put the Original hair pieces on a few of the Movie ninja, just out of curiosity. :stuck_out_tongue:


These don't look as bad as I thought they would. In some cases I'd say they actually look pretty good.


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Man those hairmolds are vibrant.

The new hair pieces looks better for most of them.

I would say the new hair works for all except Zane, and that’s just because he doesn’t have the blue eyes to go with it. Cool idea!

Interesting comparison. Jay’s is the most different, but still looks pretty good.