Ninjago: How to catch up on Season 5 onward?

So I just started watching Ninjago; The pilots and first four season are on Netflix, and I was wondering if there was a place to (preferably legally :P) catch up with the rest of the show. On the Brickfeed cast they’ve talked about catching up with the show and I was wondering if anyone knew what site/service they used. I know some episodes are on Cartoon Network’s own site but I don’t think that Season 5 is. Thanks for any help!


I’m pretty sure Kisscartoon will have it

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What plot have season 5? I forget.

If you have cable, Cartoon Network has all of ninjago on their website, albeit in relatively poor quality- Relative to netflix, that is.

That’s about as legal as it gets.

If you’d prefer better quality or don’t have cable, there are always cartoon/anime websites; just google “watch ninjago online” or something like that.


I believe Netflix has up to Rebooted.
KissCartoon has all the latest seasons (Save for Hands of Time)
YouTube I believe has Rebooted up to Skybound in fairly decent quality as well
Personally I’d recommend either Netflix or KissCartoon for high quality videos

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Thanks for all of the help!