Ninjago Movie minifig wave wishlist

So with both Lego Movies there has been a minifig wave that accompanies the main sets these figs are often variants or background characters who couldn’t be worked into a sets. But every now and then we get a gem that is not specifically from the movie Like the Red Hood Minifig. So I was wondering what obscure character would you want for the Ninjago Movie Minifig line? Mine is simple Pink Ninja Zane.

I want drugged Zane.

And the garmadon in the bamboo forest…


All of them.

In the event that that doesn’t happen…





High Zane

Zane’s face might be permanently stuck like that in the movie. If you listen closely you hear an anonymous “Yeah lets do it!” in the trailer. So we’ll most likely get drugged up Zane anyways as normal Zane. I honestly would find that joke pretty funny because their mocking those overly-positive robots who’s faces are stuck in a permanent happy expression

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I want all the fish dudes. All those little minifigs that are working for Garmadon. There hilarious, adorable, and best of all… not snakes.

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Yeah you do here that but trailers do that all the time they play a scene and then add dialog to that scene that may not be from the scene. I think it is easy to reach that conclusion because Zane is a robot and yes that is a trope for robots. Given what we know and this movie possible being in universe to The original Lego movie I doubt that the case those robots though metal where very expressive. I’d imagine that Zane will fall into the Johnny 5 trope of going out of his way to express and understand emotion.

and to add another High Kai from season 1

It’s the original audio, you can tell because all the other ninja say their lines perfectly. Expect for Cole because he doesn’t say anything. Zane does move his face a little when the line is said so it could be him. Not to mention that he’s still got the drugged up face at the end of the trailer.

I want Jay and possibly Zane. It’s interesting if you look at their armor designs it is a blend of their past suits.

Honestly, they’ll probably never do this, and I only say it as a fan of the original source material…

But I’d REALLY like them to make characters from the show who don’t have minifigs (such as Neuro, Gravis, Jacob, Arcturus, etc.) with the excuse of adapting them for the Lego Ninjago movie to appear for, like, one second (like some of the Lego Batman Movie minifigures).

Alas, no. Still, it’d be a pretty sweet homage and treat for old-school fans, I won’t lie.

Why does Garmadon have 12 abs

In any case I want a minifig torso with nothing but abs on it

Batman had a 9 pack