Ninjago OCs mocs, or what-not?

Do any of you guys have OCs mocs, or other fanon story material that you've made up/built for Ninjago?

I'm working on my own sort of Ninjago-Blacktron crossover scene that involves Cryptarium Prison, a moon mounted railgun, and The Overlord. I've also made up a few OCs based on the theme.(Some of which I have physical adaptations and some of which I don't.)


I do indeed.

Meet my sig-fig, Cypher, Master of Technology.

I'm working on his story, but I don't have enough of it to be worth giving a summary of.

But of course this is Ninjago so there are relics of some sort XD


One time me and my friend made a Ninjago temple with a huge spinning blade on the front (Using power functions) We attached chains to the ends of the blades. It was fun to watch it spin.... that's about it stuck_out_tongue


If I had Lloyd and Jay, I'd be able to do something.

My sister created her own Ninjago OC to play along with me with my Ninjago sets. I tried to convince her how stupid some of her headcanon was (she was supposed to be Garmadon's daughter), although it was surprising that she managed to genderbend Lloyd Garmadon before he appeared.

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That's acceptable. To me at least.

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I mean, I could see that too, but I sort of felt like Garmadon was done hiding things last season. He probably would've told Lloyd in Spellbound.

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(I haven't seen too much Ninjago.) But when you're playing with Lego, ANYTHING'S possible. Even KaixBusDriverInCityTheme(wasthereone?(Idon'tcare(neverdidit)))

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I've got this Rogue Ninja organization that I'm working on that will act as this Illuminati equivalent for Ninjago.

Come the weekend, I should have pictures, but as it stands, I do have a few Ninjago OCs, so to speak.

The first is Berem, who is a Skullkin with no skull. He was oddly left behind on the mortal world, in a similar fashion to Kruncha and Nuckal. However, he's one of the good guys.

The next is Jigoku Rei, who is basically the Ninjago analog of @CompleteZero.(If any of you outside skype even know who he is). He's a skullkin who actually lost his own skull, and just uses a random one he found, hence why it has no smile, or glowing eyes, or etc(It uses just a normal mnifig skull. Again, pics on the weekend)

He travels around with Nyran, a ghost of sorts who inhabits a suit of armor from a far away land.(Implied to be the world of 07 Fantasy Era Castle).

I also have a pair of villains, the first being Daisuke, a spectral entity akin to Nyran, but following the example of the overlord attempting to possess technology. He currently has a semifuturistic suit of his own armor under his command.

That and his henchman Sirius. Sirius is a cyborg with glowing red eyes, purple gi, and stolen Nindroid-tech armor.


Well....I have my sig-fig and some other things..

@Hawkflight my sister was the same way. she had a ninja of nature named Nature.... and she was green and all so powerful and stuff like that...and I was content making up baddies..

With help from @KyoryuYellow1138, I bring you:
Dominic, Jay's older brother that was kidnapped by smart and evil squeaver cultists that were still loyal to Squeaverqueen at an early age. Dominic is a ninja of Fire and Water. He attacks Ninjago along with the squeaver cult, but is stopped by the ninja. Dominic turns good, and becomes Batman. The squeaver cult becomes the Fire and Water protectors, after it turned out the whole time they were cursed. When they were cured in the attack, they gained orange and cyan armor. During the attack, the squeaver cult brings squeaverqueen back from the dead, but she is stopped by the ninja as well, and is left to rest in pieces.


88/10 would read again


That is the best piece of fan-fiction that has graced this earth.

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It's got the best grammar a bad fanfiction will ever have.


looks at my early HF story


my story is better now. smile

@Nyran actually came up with my Ninjago self-OC a while back. Haven't given him much thought, but basically, what I've got is Jonathan, the yellow Ninja of Shipping. His weapon is in fact yet another Scythe of Canon. :/

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In order, finally have pics of Berem, Jigoku Rei, Daisuke, Sirius, and Ghost Knight Nyran


I like all of them....other then Nyran.


Nyran exists solely from the stupid idea that the castle themes(KK II, Fantasy Era, and Kingdoms) exist on a landmass on the same planet as Ninjago, and said armor that he inhabits was brought over by pirates, not unlike captain soto.

Unless you mean just from a minifig aesthetic perspective, in which case, I cannot stop you nor do I care to, as it is your opinion.