Ninjago: Rules and Guidelines

Time to jump up, kick back, whip around, and spin... and then sit down and discuss some stuff.

Ninjago is a Lego line that was released in 2011, completely taking everyone by storm and becoming an unbelievably massive success for Lego. Ninjago's storyline is surprisingly well crafted, and the theme is exceptionally plot driven, featuring books, comics, graphic novels, an upcoming movie, and a very popular TV series. There's many things to discuss about Ninjago, so enjoy!

  • This category is solely for discussion of the NInjago theme. Any other thing you want to discuss goes elsewhere in the appropriate category. Additionally, try your best to fit whatever you want to the subcategories we have. Obviously, there will be some topics that will don't fit, so you can post them here and it will either remain or be moved into the relevant category by the mods.
  • Spoilers for Ninjago 2011-2013 are perfectly acceptable; spoilers from Ninjago 2014, however, are a different matter due its ongoing nature. Spoilers for new Ninjago 2014 story material are acceptable for widespread posting ONE MONTH after release. Until then, keep discussion of spoilers contained within spoiler topics.
  • Check to see that your topic of discussion hasn't already been made. We have no revival limit here, so if there's a topic that already has what you're looking for, don't clutter the front page by making a new one.

Other than that, enjoy!


Movie? When does that come out?

Yup! September 23rd, 2016. It's going to be great.


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2017 now. It was pull back

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Can we post art relating to Ninjago on here?

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I know it’s the mod’s job to direct “new” members, but you can’t really: that goes into the art page like everything else. Point in case: Pythor.

By the way, aren’t you this phenomenal dArtist?

Okay, thank you. I looked at the art page, and it was mostly Bionicle art, so I wasn’t sure.

And yes I am!

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