Ninjago soundtrack

I was wondering if there were any other big Layton fans on the boards. If so, here’s a place to discuss everything Layton related!

Since the mysteries are half the fun, please use spoilers when talking about the big stuff so no one accidentally has a game ruined for them.

So what games has everyone played? What’s your favorite?


Not quite sure where to get the music from
But uh, use the spoiler tags for that spoiler there

[spoiler ] text [/spoiler ]
just get rid of those spaces

this should be the result

I love the Ninjago soundtrack. It is the perfect background writing/studying music.

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As in, besides Youtube?

Yeah, I was trying to do that, it was different on the type of forum I’m used to and I couldn’t figure out how do it here. Thanks for the future reference.

Yeah, like in a way I can get it on my MP3 player.

I find the music anywhere from relaxing, to exciting, to emotional, to just about any positive emotion I can be in.

It is just…fantastic.



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If my sound track you include The Fold, then I’d have to say I like “After The Blackout”, “Spinning Out In Color” and “Weekend Whip Tournament Remix”


I’d say the soundtracks for the finales. MAN does the soundtrack really amp up the feeling of those moments. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like this version of the Whip Main Theme.

It has asian elements as well as clock ones.


I wonder if we’re ever going to see any more Ninjago songs from The Fold. It’s been a while now.