Ninjago: The Future Ninja

Kai at his journal.

It feels like forever since we defeated Nadakhan and his pirate crew. Or at
least that’s what Jay told me. It seems that Jay fought Nadakhan in the future. Nya ended up dying from something called Tiger Widow Venom.

It’s amazing, he used his last wish to make sure that Nya, his now girlfriend, didn’t die and made sure to get what he wished for. Lloyd told me something the other day, in fact two.

When he fought Morro, they had opened up a portal with the realm crystal. It dropped them onto a world with animal-humanoid people, one asked him what he was doing there. Then they opened another and zoomed back into our realm. Then, he saw a glimpse into the future. He was training with someone.
He had light brown hair, and was wearing a white and blue ninja Gi. yet he was a Power ninja, like Lloyd. He also had an elemental sword, dark-blue in colour.
None such colour was seen before with their blades.

Except Jay’s.

What could this mean?
Kai gets up and closes journal.

*Walks on Destiny’s Bounty’s deck. *

“Hey guys! I think I might be able to find out something about Lloyd’s fight with Morro!”

Zane was the first to answer.

“What’s the trouble, Kai?”

“Can’t we see into the future? Lloyd told me he did when he was fighting Morro.” Asked Kai with desperation.

“It’s important, it seems.” Zane answered.

“Well, Sensei Wu might be able to.”

As he walked to Wu’s quarters, Kai was troubled on the matter. Even though they saw their futures in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, Kai was still wondering what Lloyd saw.

He pushed the door to the Sensei’s Quarters, inside was Wu at a cup of tea and a scroll.

“Sensei? I have a question.” Kai asked.

“What is it you seek, my student.” Wu answered.

“I know it seems…irrelevant, but can you see the future with a fire?”


“Lloyd will explain. Let me get him.”

5 minutes later.

“Alright, the fire’s ready.”

Wu initiated the seeing.

There was Cole, Jay, Kai, and Lloyd. But Lloyd was not alone. Wu knew him by legend. That was the Master of Lightning and Water, Jason, the son of Nya and Jay.

And Lloyd was training him in airjitzu. And he noticed the ninja looking at him, even asked Lloyd who they were. Wu closed the seance after that.


Lloyd, Nya and Jay stood speechless and motionless.
The son of Nya and Jay? And he had an elemental blade? AND he knew spinjitzu!?

Jay opened his mouth to break the silence.

“I can’t believe it. I’m a father. And I’m not dead!”

Wu was speechless, spellbound to the fire. What had just happened had never happened before. The new ninja had spotted them, and even possessed an elemental blade.

The future held goodness in it after all.


I like this.