Ninjago: The Skull Titan

Hi Sokoda here,
I built this little MOC for a competition on a Ninjago Discord server, it’s supposed to be a Skullkin Titan, that can be used like a mech by the Skullkin.

I hope you guys like it:

LDD-file and render images can be found here!



This is just awesome! There really should have been a set like this!


This looks amazing!
I agree with Radrix, this should have been a set.


Stop being so cool

Even if I had no nostalgia associated with years 1 and 2 of Ninjago, this would still be absolutely amazing. Even if purple didn’t make me like things more, I’d still be surprised by how cool this is!


That spine, fantastic work as always and cool to see some more Ninjago stuff from you.

9/10 more skulls needed.

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looks more like a serpentine titan

But it’s literally a giant skeleton…

@Sokoda This is so awesome! The bone details are done beautifully.


Skulkin Rahkshi. Yet more great work from sodoka.

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@Toa_Radrix, @meepinater, @Sabretooth
Thanks for all of your comments! They are very appreciated.

@SonicBionicleMaster, @Zero Yeah the headshape and the spine are kind of shaped like a serpentine or a Rakshi, I didn’t want him to be just humanoid, so I gave the moc this weird headhape, a bit like the more specialized skulls from Kruncha, Nuckal or Samukai.

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister I also have a lot of nostalgia for the early years of Ninjago, while building this MOC I took a lot of inspiration from my old turbo shredder

@Kardax I always love building Ninjago stuff, I’m a huge Ninjago fan! But hmmm where can I fit more skulls on this… Maybe next time a Titan with two heads^^