Ninjas in Pop Culture and media

AKA Not the stealthy slightly lame but honorable cool guys from Japan IRL, but those Wannabe cool guys who don’t hide in the shadows, do stuff in the open, and reveal their identities.


Not only did you misspell China, but they’re from Japan… >.<

I suppose they’re in pop culture a lot.


I hate this portrayal of ninjas. Does anyone know what a ninja actually is these days?

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Well a real Ninja would give that a facepalm,and having Dumb Pawn Store Employees think that are cool.

heck if I know. Been a long time since I’ve seen a good realistic portrayal

Fun fact, Ninja actually wore normal people clothes so they could hide in crowds. The “ninja suit” originated from stage hands in Japanese play.

So, if you ever stage hand a play, wear a black “ninja suit” and you’ll be perfectly equipped for your role.


Huh, I did not know that. And that does make a lot of sense.

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I like ninja Brian.

Look up ninja sex party on Youtube


He’s fast and deadly.

Stabbing dudes then writing twisted medleys.


tru dat


I personally don’t care how Ninja are portrayed. As with everything, if it looks cool and is executed correctly, I’m okay with it.

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well Ninjutsu is a physical art that’s not martial and Ninjas are meant to be stealthy guys with honor who kill in desperation and do things without a trace

I personally don’t freaking care, so long as they’re not boring.

I’m also kinda training myself to be a ninja.

I’m not half bad.

Only I’m not the assassin type, more get in, get what I need, and get out without anybody knowing I was ever there.

Ironically I have had the perfect chance to test this over the last few days.

(And for all this I still can’t pick a push-button-door-lock. My tablet is currently locked in the guest bed at my grandparent’s house ;-:wink: